The history of our Wild space

Our flagship location ain't your ordinary, run-of-the-mill cornershop. Nope, 8902 99 street has been a mainstay for the residents of the Strathcona and Mill Creek area since the Great Depression. So sit back friends, and let me tell you a tale about a little building that could.

Our Flag Ship Location is now closed, we want to thank all of the Millcreek residents for all fo their support over the last 13 years! But alas all good things must come to an end. Due to the significant repairs needed on the building the space will be redeveloped into something grand and new. A grocery store will return, a cafe, restaraunt, offices etc. etc. bringing back the neighbourhood charm and feel once again.

Ol' 8902 originated in 1932 when Tubby Bateman opened up a small butchershop next to the neighbourhood Red & White grocery store. It started off as a small simple affair, heck with only 500 square feet it had to be! Tubby continued to grow his business, and eventually, in 1948, he purchased the Red & White grocery store.

Over time Ol' 8902 would undergo a series of renovations and transformations. Milk Bar, pharmacy, rumpus room, you name and the building had it! Tubby was onto one thing, the neighbourhood needed a hub, a bustling place for the fine folks of Strathcona and Millcreek to gather.

Throughout the years, tenants would come and go, but the Batemans remained connected to Ol' 8902 and the Strathcona 'hood. In 2002, Dee Bateman opened up a Booster Juice in the very spot where her grandfather launched the whole Bateman shebang. In 2005, Dee's sister Joanne purchased the space, along with the adjoining Bateman's IGA, and turned it into Wild Earth. Ol' 8902 was once again renovated and out of the drywall rubble, a bakery was born.

It was in 2008 when things took a wild turn. Dee had a taste for the far-out, fun, fabulousness of 99 street and came back wanting more. Along with her business partner, Greta Sieben, they purchased the bakery and soon after undertook in what can only be called Extreme Makeover: Bakery addition. Some called it crazy, and it kind of was, but two years and a heck of a lot of drywall later, Wild Earth Bakery & Café opened its doors to a new renovated space. Twice the seating, twice the kitchen space and even more room for its products, oh my!

And what of Ol' 8902? Well, it's just as sassy and classy as ever with a couple new coats of paint and a pretty nifty interior. Stop by and check out a little bit of Edmonton history in Bateman corner (northwest nook in the bakery). Take in a tribute to the Bateman family and their connection to the Mill Creek community while sitting back on Bob and Anita Bateman's first couch from the 1960's.

Got some history with Ol' 8902 that you would love to share, well heck, we'd love to hear it! Share your most excellent adventure with us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)