Do you offer catering?

While we do not have catering with delivery & set-up available, that doesn't mean you can't enjoy some Wild Earth on the go!  We are more that happy to prepare orders packed to the brim with our yummy scones, soups, salads, sandwiches, and of course, squares to take to your next boardroom meeting. Since we are crazy about Mother Earth, everything is packed in 100% compostable containers so you can have a feel-good moment while you enjoy some good food!  Orders can be picked up from any of our three locations.  

Be sure to book your order with at least 48 hours notice to ensure we'll have enough time to prepare something special just for you!  Please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) for all order inquiries.  

Do you carry gluten-free, sugar-free or vegan items?

Heck yeah we do! We always make sure we have something in-house to satisfy most dietary restrictions.

For vegans, we have muffins, our yummy vegan gluten-free granola bars, veggie rolls and a variety of fresh salads. Try the quinoa salad… it will blow your mind! For the hot bevy lover, Wild Earth also carries organic soy milk and organic almond milk, specifically designed for barista use, so it steams up beautifully!

Want sugar-free items? Baby, we got those too!! We carry sugar-free three-bite brownies and muffins. All of our sugar-free baking is done with Stevia and Agave. Both are low on the glycemic index, and are a healthy, natural alternative to artificial sweeteners.

Wild Earth Bakery is big on gluten-free. We’ve heard a constant demand for more, more, more - so our line of celiac-friendly goods is constantly expanding. Muffins (which are also dairy-free), biscotti, cookies, breads, brownies, salads, and soups are just the tip of the iceberg! We even have our gluten-free monster cookie dough for sale in our take-and-bake freezer.

We can also make sugar-free, gluten-free, or vegan cakes for order. For specialty cakes, please place your order with at least 72 hours notice. To place an order for a specialty cake today, please email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Do you carry gift certificates?

We sure do!  We have reloadable gift cards available.  Best of all, they work at all three locations so no matter which of our wild spaces you frequent you can still get your gift card on!  How cool is that?  Pretty cool!

Can you provide the nutritional information for your baked goods?

We do not have nutritional information for any of our products at this time. But don’t fret, my pet, it’s something that we are considering. In the interim, we are always happy to provide you with a list of ingredients so you know what goes into those tasty treats.


Do you make sheet cakes?

We do not make sheet cakes. All of our delectable cakes are available as rounds only. Every cake is three layers of moist, delish cake smothered in our rich icing, (your choice of two different icing types – Italian buttercream or cream cheese icing).

Do you make shaped cakes/fondant cakes?

Fondant cakes are right up our alley! Wild Earth Bakery & Café has recently launched Wild Cakes. Our bakers are happy to create a one-of-a-kind fondant creation for any special event. Weddings, birthdays, graduation - you name it and we’ll create it! The best part is our homemade fondant - it’s delicious!

As a general rule we do not make shaped cakes. That said, our bakers are crazy-creative and talented, so if you have a shaped cake in mind, give us a cake consult call – we just may be up for the challenge.  

How far in advance must I place my cake order?

For most orders we require only 48 hours notice. But heck, we’ll do a last-minute order if you accidently forgot that special someone’s birthday! You may not get the elaborate, seven-tiered princess cake of your dreams with only three hours to go, but we could absolutely prepare you an amazing carrot cake that would please any princess (or prince for that matter)!

Wedding cakes require at least one week’s notice.

Specialty cake orders, gluten-free, sugar-free, or vegan must be placed at least 72 hours in advance.

Do you deliver?

Absolutely! We can delivery to anywhere within Edmonton's city limits. To receive a quote on delivery please contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).


What kind of coffee do you serve?

We believe that coffee should be like our scratch baking, made fresh from the finest ingredients.

Our new and improved espresso beans are provided by JJBean Coffee. Yep, that means our espresso is made by one of the finest roasters in East Vancouver, renowned for their focus on tradition, quality and community. That means you can feel good about every cup of awesome you order at our cafes! We are serving 3 different blends for our daily drip, as well as our decaf and non-decaf espresso. 


TASTE PROFILE: Very dark, smoky and roasty. Full-bodied with no acidity. (Organic, certified by FVOPA)
90% Peru Norte, 10% Sumatra

TASTE PROFILE: Earthy dark chocolate and floral notes. Makes a complex espresso. (Organic, certified by FVOPA)
60% Guatemala, 30% Ethiopia Yirgacheffe Hama, 10% Sumatra IKA

Espresso JJ
TASTE PROFILE: Hints of caramel and toasted nuts. 
40% Guatemala El Injerto, 30% Colombia Tolima, 20% Guatemala, 10% Brasil Carmo

TASTE PROFILE: Sweet, mild and chocolaty. Great for drip or espresso. (Organic, certified by FVOPA)
100% Peru Swiss Water® Process Decaf

Carmo Estate
Nutty, toasty, caramel, sweet, (fresh tobacco when not cold brew)
100% Minas Gerais, Brazil


Are your coffees fair-trade?

Fair-trade is something very near and dear to our hearts. All of our coffees are ethically traded, multi-region blends. Our Roasters have close relationships with the wonderful farmers that make this coffee possible and available to us here in Edmonton. 

Getting coffee to go? Wild Earth is an eco-friendly company so all of our cups (and any of our take-away containers) are 100% compostable, made from recycled products and sent by carbon-neutral shipping.


Are you hiring?

Wild Earth is always on the look-out for innovative, fun-lovin’, creative individuals to join the team. To see what positions are currently available please check out our job posting page.

Can I send you my resume?

Absolutely! Resumes can be sent to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address). Please be sure to include what position you are applying for and a little blurb about yourself. That said, call us old-fashioned, but we prefer resumes to be submitted in person at the café. Stop by, say hello and dazzle us with your fabulous personality and amazing resume.

Donations and Charity

Can you donate or sponsor my event?

While we can’t fulfill every charity request, we’d love to hear about your event and see if Wild Earth can help. All donation requests must be submitted in writing to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Consideration will be given to local organizations only.

What is your favourite charity?

We don’t believe in picking favourites, however, we are big fans of the North Saskatchewan River Valley Conservation Society. As well, we donate all our day-olds to three different in-city charities.


Are you affiliated with Wild Earth Foods?

No, we are not associated with Wild Earth Foods, we are only associated with Wild Earth Catering and Wild Earth Café.

Long story short: Joanne Bateman of Wild Earth Foods originally owned and operated the bakery. In May 2008, Greta Sieben and Dee Bateman, Joanne’s sister, purchased the bakery. While we are two separate businesses, we'd like to thank everyone in the community for their patronage of the Wild Earth Grocery Store for the past 85 years! The grocery store is now closed, but the bakery and cafe are still up and running and will be for the forseeable future to meet your needs.

Anything we've missed? We’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to fire any questions our direction at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).